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Change your Official SETI@Home User Account Info

This form is just a copy of a form found on the Official SETI@home site.  You can use this form to change ANY of your details including your member name, your email address, and other official settings.  You do need your Official SETI password to access this and make the changes, and there is a  link below to get it resent to you.

Note, if you no longer have access to your email address then you CAN NOT change any details, or get your password.  For this reason MAKE SURE you keep your password or update your email address with SETI if it changes.


Email address of your
 SETI@home account:
Your SETI@home

IF you have forgotten your password  please click here.

NOTE: If you are using a HOTMAIL account and have the inbox protector ON (it  blocks email if your address is not in the TO: field)  click on the "bulk mail" button on top of the page to get your password or turn the protector off and resend your password.