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Join Our SETI@home Team - "SETI Synergy"

Before you join our team, you have to be running SETI@home.  If you have not downloaded and setup SETI on your computer, you should first go here... "Download and Setup SETI@home"

Step 1

Get your SETI@home password emailed to you.

To join ANY team in SETI you need your SETI@home password.  SETI does not automatically send out these when you sign up, you have to ask for them.  You will need your password if you ever 1) want to join a team, 2) want to change details (eg email address, member name), 3) want to submit an official SETI@home profile.

Click here to get your password emailed to you please (opens in a new window, is a link on the OFFICIAL SETI@home site)

NOTE: If you are using a HOTMAIL account and have the inbox protector ON you will find the password email in "bulk mail".  Click on the "bulk mail" button on top of the page to get your password.  Other similar mail services to Hotmail have similar things.

Step 2

Join "SETI Synergy"!

This is the exciting part!  Once you have your SETI@home password, fill out this easy form to join our team (see note 3 below about your password)!  If you are SUPER cautious you can fill out our join page on the OFFICIAL SETI@home site. "Official SETI@home join "SETI Synergy" page" (opens in new window)

Email address of your
 SETI@home account:
Your SETI@home password:

WOOOOOOO!  Welcome!  An email will be sent out to you shortly from the team welcoming you and telling you about some cool stuff that you can find here at our site, and tips how to get MORE out of SETI!

Please note
1) It takes up to 24 hours to be updated on the group statistics page, if it said you were added, check back tomorrow to make sure.
2) You can only be in one SETI team at a time.  If you leave a team ALL your work units leave with you.
3) This form DOES NOT send your password to our team.  To join any team you have to use your email address AND password.  This form on our team site is just a copy of the OFFICIAL join form at the SETI@home page.  If you would rather join at the official SETI page, the link is