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Unofficial SETI addon programs.

There are MANY MANY addon programs, and a complete list is fairly well updated at the official SETI@home site at the following link

The links below are some of the addons that OUR members find VERY handy, have tested and recommend.

If you want to add a addon you think is great either send the info of web page and what it is to, post them on our SETI FORUM, or fill in our "Contact Us" form

A great little application that keeps track of so many things about your SETI client.  It only uses 0.01% of your CPU time!  SetiSpy features include a CPU analyser to see how your CPU compares to others, SETI Maps showing where in the sky the work units are being analysed, keeps track of SIGNIFICANT results that will be sent back to SETI@Home (GIFs of Gaussians, stats for spikes, pulses, triplets), plus much more!  

I strongly recommend everyone uses this addon.  A must if you are running the CLI.

Seti Driver
Advanced users only!  Only works with Command Line version (CLI) not the GUI (screensaver) version!

Caches (stores multiple) WUs to allow continual processing even for extended offline periods (personally I store 4 days worth).  The program tells the SETI client to crunch available work units.  Next time you are online you can up transmit completed work units and download new units to fill your cache again.  Easy GUI interface.  

Works well with SetiSpy after initial setup (our guide to setting up both can click here).  A very powerful tool when set up correctly.


A great application to keep track of team members not just from our team, but every team!  Compare to a previously saved set of results.  List the top members of any team.  Display results graphically. Sort by position, WU's, Links, Total time, or Average WU time. Automatically saves the results for off-line viewing. Also saves in Word, Excel, HTML, Notepad, or Clipboard formats. Prints a neatly formatted hardcopy.