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Tell us about a SETI Link!

If you know a SETI related link just let us know about it and it will be included here.

Either send links to, post them on our SETI FORUM, or fill in our "Contact Us" form

SETI Links OFF our Site

MANY things can be answered ON our site.  Have a look in the menu and wander through each of the sections.  There is a wealth of information there!  The following links are ALL offsite.

SETI@home site
-  a great place to start.
SETI@home Links Page -  SO MANY links.  It is all here!
SETI@home Server Status
Is the SETI server down?  Check here.

The SETI Institute - Everything about SETI (not just SETI@home).
The Planetary Society - Another organisation looking for signs of ET
Arecibo Observatory - The radio telescope where the SETI@home data is recorded.

Recommended SETI Related Downloads
see "SETI Addon Programs"

SETI Teams friendly with us!
Patch Free Processing - A team devoted to keeping SETI fair, legal and fun.

Other Cool Links
Declaration of Principles Concerning Activities Following the Detection of Extraterrestrial Intelligence - Just what it says.
Detailed SETI@home OVERALL Project stats - Watch data in real time.  Members, Workunits, CPU time etc.
WU2WAV - Converts Work Units into .wav sound files!
SETI Timer - Nice little form to predict Work Unit completion times for the Command Line version.