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Instructions to Quickly and Easily setup the CLI, SETISpy and SETIDriver!

0. Before you start UNINSTALL the GUI version of SETI if you have it installed.

1. Create a new folder (note I created "SETI@home" in "Program files").  Download and put the CLI version into that folder.

2. Download SETIDriver and SETISpy (UnZipping as needed) the files into the new folder.

3. Run SETISpy. Click 'I AGREE' when needed.

4. After you run SETISpy you will see an Error Message.  Click "Ignore".

5. Click on "Client" from the list on the left hand side (see below):

6. You should now see the SETISpy client page.  Click on the "Configure" button (note you may not yet see stop and restart buttons):

7. The Client Configuration Page appears, fill it out as follows (note the path needs to have the path to YOUR Folder where Driver is):


8. Click ok (the stop and restart buttons appear now, but don't worry about them).  Now click on "Setup" and set Display as follows:

9. Now click on the tab "Client" and set as follows:

10. While you are there you may as well set SPY up to save Gaussians (so you can submit then to out site rankings!)
Click on "Logging" and set as follows (note you may need to CREATE an appropriate folder to store them in like below):

11. Close and  restart SETISpy. The following images will appear in your system tray (if they don't check steps 1-10):

12. Double click on the SETIDriver icon (little red one) the following screen appears.
Set Priority to Normal, Desired Cache to 1

Set Priority to LOW, Desired Cache to 1, Display transmit to Yes, Hide Processing to No and Use SETISpy in Progress Monitoring.
Then click on "Save Config".  Following that click "Transmit" (NOTE a DOS box will appear)
(NOTE: Setting it to Normal or High Priority won't yield any benefit when the computer is idle and may cause your computer to freeze or slowdown when you try to use your computer)

13.  The following SETI DOS box appears.  If you have a SETI account already press 2 then your email address.
If you don't have a SETI account, press 1 then follow the instructions.

14. At this stage you have a work unit stored and processing.  Personally I now set up SETIDriver as follows:

Note I have a Cache size of 15, at 10 hours per work unit on my 600MHz that is about 2 weeks worth of Work Units... just in case.  I wouldn't go ANY higher than that because if you take TOO long to process a unit SETI resends it do another user.

If you do have a permanent connection, you can leave "Auto Transmit" on.  Personally though I like doing it manually.  Whenever you do transmit results DOS boxes appear and disappear.  All perfectly normal.

15. Put a shortcut to SETISpy in your STARTUP folder.  That way every time your computer is turned on it all starts up perfectly.  To shutdown the whole thing (say before a reboot) just close SETISpy (and spy will close driver, and driver will close the CLI).  That is it!  Easy no? *grin*

If you have any problems at all doing this, feel free to read post a note on our FORUM, or email me personally at