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Latest News


NEW! Team Stats page (under construction) 

Data servers are back up at BOINC!  Make sure you have the latest version (3.19 for Windows) and that its downloading work units.  If your having trouble let us know!

Transition from SETI@Home Classic to SETI@Home BOINC is underway!  Make sure you download the latest client at

SETI Synergy is under construction (again)... watch this space closely for new and wonderful features.

Seti@Home BOINC News - July 17, 2004  
A server bug was preventing new results from being created in response to failed results. If 2 out of 3 results for a WU succeeded and the 3rd failed, the 2 successful results would not be validated or credited. This is now fixed and the system will issue new results for all workunits in this state.

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SETI Synergy News - 14th July 2004  


Team Update

SETI Synergy members signed at site today: 5
SETI Synergy members total at the site: 25

SETI Synergy members who have SOME credit in BOINC: 37 (up 6)
Total SETI Synergy members 565 (up 1)

Team news

SETI Synergy Website Updates

  • Widened the columns (left and right) to fit nicer... it does mean the middle column is a bit narrower... 50 pixels in fact.
  • Fixed Shout It box to not have a scroll bar left and right (thanks Curly for Suggestion)
  • MORE changes to Extended team stats.  In doing so I accidently WIPED some of the database... meaning that lots of zeros now appear in the stats.  They will eventually disappear as the days drift across the screen, but now I have learnt to BACKUP before doing even tiny changes *hehe*.
  • Added SETI@Home Seti Synergy team stats links (see top of right menu)
  • Added more BOINC stats links (the official ones... no search option yet)
  • Added the SETI@Home Classic Stats module (right menu).  It NEEDS your email address to work.  You can insert your SETI@Home classic email address in "Your details" (left menu in user menu).
  • Added the BOINC S@H Member Stats.  Same thing, it uses information held in YOUR DETAILS (your BOINC number) to show your the member nice stats.  It will have more things later like profile number, Country, Rank chagne etc, when XML stats are working from BOINC.
  • Changed the way the MENUs OPEN in a new window.  They were overriding an open menu (which was annoying)... they now open in a BLANK menu.

 Busy day.  Got a nice number of things done today after work.  Busy at work for the next 2 days (have to give some presentation Friday morning which I have not written yet), so updates will be furious as of Saturday.

Let me know if you find any bugs... and remember I LOVE COMMENTS (see the link below).  Tell your friends bout BOINC, and get them into SETI Synergy... one of the few teams with DECENT team stats.

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Official BOINC News - July 13, 2004  

Our database server hung and had to be forcibly terminated. It took several hours to check all the tables and indices. Then we ran into problems with our Network Attached Storage device, which we rebooted for the first time in 18 months. Additional outages may occur throughout the night and possibly tomorrow.


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SETI Synergy News - 13th July 2004  

Team Update

SETI Synergy members signed at site today: 10
SETI Synergy members total at the site: 20

SETI Synergy members who have SOME credit in BOINC: 31 (up 2)
Total SETI Synergy members 564 (up 1)

Team news

  • Fixed a bug in SHOUTIT (right box) now works again
  • Fixed some bugs in Extended Stats.  Moved the link to the right top column.
  • Name servers propogated through the world... so now the site can be accessed from  What this also means is the OLD site is now only accessible through  Not a big problem.  But if your looking for OLD stats, guassians etc... they are all still there.
  • New link for EXTENDED stats is
  • Added a DOWNLOAD section (Main menu).  It only has 3 files at the moment... the 3 Official BOINC releases (didnt add the sparc one as it was nearly 20Mb).  If you have any suggestions for files (BOINC related or not) simply let us know in the forum!
  • Fixed a few other bugs behind the scenes.

Some people want LINKS and easy access to the old CGI scripts for SETI@Home classic (like the team CGI stats etc). I have not decided either way (it would mean more work, but its not hard work) so if you have a STRONG feeling on this please comment to this article and let mem know!

Also just comment cause its COOL for me to get feedback!

Enjoy todays update... one day at a time... but were looking good.

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SETI Synergy News - 12th July 2004  

To keep everyone informed...

  • Changed our Name Servers for soon they will point to this site... at that stage we will be one step closer to getting rid of the horible long URL!
  • Updated the STATS page (see TOP RIGHT MENU).  It now updates daily totals correctly.
  • Also the Stats page recognises when someone is NEW to the team and shows this too (you are only NEW if you have NEVER been in Seti Synergy including from the old version).  We already have one new member!

Other news...

Welcome Ron Benson to the team ... he is our new member!

Welcome to the 3 more people who have changed to BOINC from Seti@Home classic.  Now we have 27 members that have returned work units and gained credit.  (Note there may be members who have returned work, but not "credited" yet.  Remember 3 people around the world must return the work before it is "credited")

Interesting fact.  Your BOINC user id number is the WORLD RANK you were in SETI@Home classic when they ported the stats.  IE if your userid is 50000, you were ranked 50,000th in SETI@Home classic!

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11 July 2004 part III  
Fourm is up and running (see Main Menu).  Currenly will need to log into EACH separately... but that will change in time.

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11 July 2004 - Oops sorry deleted users!
SETI Synergy News - Web site update - 11th July 2004
SETI@Home BOINC - July 9, 2004
SETI@Home BOINC - July 8, 2004
SETI@Home BOINC - July 7, 2004
SETI@Home BOINC - July 2, 2004
SETI@Home Classic - June 22, 2004

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