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BOINC News February 22, 2005  
Contributed by Curly Brackets  

February 22, 2005

The latest dev version of the BOINC CC is now 4.23!

(Windows and Linux/X86)

Source - http://boinc.berkeley.edu/download.php?dev=1

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SETI@Home BOINC News - February 22, 2005  
Written by Zain Upton  

February 22, 2005 - 01:00 UTC
The NAS box is holding up to the load well at this point. The data server has stopped dropping connections. We're a little concerned about running out of unsent workunits so have stopped the assimilator so that more transitioner cycles go to producing new unsent results.

Source - http://setiweb.ssl.berkeley.edu/tech_news.php


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SETI@home News - February 21, 2005  
Contributed by Curly Brackets  

February 21, 2005
We are looking for volunteers to translate the SETI@home web site into non-English languages. If you're interested, learn more.

Source - http://setiweb.ssl.berkeley.edu/

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LHC News 21.2.2005 (Update)  
Contributed by Curly Brackets  

21.2.2005 18:25 UTC
The new server uses a new set of code and workunit sign keys. There is a mechanism in BOINC to prove that the new sign keys are authentic, so this shouldn't require resetting the project. Unfortunately, we have some problem in key update producedure so currently a project reset is required to get the new client. If you want a proof of authentity of the client executables, please be patient, we will try to fix this.

21.2.2005 16:10 UTC
No hardware is fast enough... Expect slow response times and timeouts until the first shockwave of incoming work requests has settled.

21.2.2005 14:55 UTC
As previously announced, this server uses database snapshot of the old server dated at 26.1.2005. This means that recent message boards posts and preference changes are not visible on this server. The old server is still accessible as lxfsrk429.cern.ch.

Source - http://lhcathome.cern.ch/

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LHC News - 21.2.2005  
Contributed by Curly Brackets  

21.2.2005 02:07 UTC
LHC@home has moved to a new server.

(It appears they are alive again, but I coudn't get any work so far....)

Source - http://lhcathome.cern.ch/

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BOINC Synergy News - 21st Feb 2005  
Written by Zain Upton  

Some of you MAY have noticed a little change in the BANNER at the top of the page.  If you havent here it is again!

Temporary BOINC Synergy Banner

I would just like to thank Timmy/MrVideo/Captain Avatar (yes they are all one and the same) for making this one up.  I didnt ask him to, but he graciously sent it to me today not saying "use it" but saying more "what you think?"... and I looked, I like, its up on the site.

NOTE though... (and Timmy is aware), this banner is now INELIGABLE to win the upcoming BANNER competition.  Timmy will of course be entering other work once the comptition is officially open.  As a heads up I am thinking of announcing the competition this coming weekend... so keep posted.

Anyway... thanks T/MrV/CA for this banner.


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SETI@home Technical News - February 20, 2005  
Contributed by Curly Brackets  

February 19, 2005 - 15:15 UTC
We have had trouble this week with the NAS box that stores the result and workunit files (ie the upload and download directories - aka ULDL). After several months of flawless functioning it has started to hang for, as yet, mysterious reasons. The vendor is working closely with us to resolve the problem. The ULDL is a terabyte in size and we don't have the capability to just move it to other storage, even temporarily. We are looking at work arounds. Unfortunately the project will be going up and down as we work on this.

The new database server (as opposed to the currently troublesome data server) continues to run well.

February 20, 2005 - 18:45 UTC
The data server NAS box may be OK at this point, although we have not subjected it to the full production load yet. We currently have the data server turned off so that the file deleter can at least partially clear a large backlog of workunit and result files that are scheduled for deletion. This backlog is a hold over problem from when our database server was on a slow machine. Validation and assimilation are both currently on.

Source - http://setiweb.ssl.berkeley.edu/tech_news.php

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BOINC Synergy News - 20th Feb 2005  
Written by Zain Upton  

Ramblings of Zain

Well another weekend over, and its back to work 8am tomorrow again.  Its been a huge weekend... with the team changing name from "Seti Synergy" to "BOINC Synergy".

There have also been many other changes...  which I will list here so everyone can see them.

* "Your BOINC Stats" box on the right hand side now lists team rankings, and also has a nice little message on the bottom saying where to update details.  I optimised this code making it execute 70% faster.

* "Your Details" (found in User menu top left menu) now has ALL your signatures listed in it, plus some information which will help people be a bit less confused.

* When registering, there is more information including a link where to find "BOINC Account Numbers" for each project.

* The email sent out on registering has changed a bit.

* Signatures - Signatures have gone through their FINAL change.  I am now happy with they way they work.  In short:

1. Anyone who creates an account at this site has access to signatures... no matter what team they are in.
2. Signatures updated 4 hourly, BUT only if you have been to the site in the last 31 days... if you havent been here... your signature still exists... just doesnt update.
3. Combined AND indivudual signatures now simply use your "BOINC Signature Number"... which can be found in Your Details.  This makes it very easy ... as you dont have to worry about which numbers go where... EVERYTHING works off the one number.
4. Added signatures that help out people if a. they have put in illegal characters into the fields b. have listed their BOINC Project Account numbers but are as yet NOT in the XML files (ie their total is zero still).
5. They layout of the individual project signature has completely changed... containing more information (see examples below)

Individual Signature Example (this one for LHC)
Example Member LHC Signatre

Combined Signature example
Example Combined Project Member Signature

Thats about all I think.  One of the great members of SETI Synergy left today... which saddens me alot.  He left cause of the name change, and as much as I understand ... I hope he reconsiders.  I truely believe that "BOINC Synergy" reflects not only who we are as a team, but our future and direction across ALL BOINC projects.

Anyway... until the next Ramblings...

From wet and cold(ish) Canberra, Australia,

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