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30th June 2001


A few little bugs were fixed around the web page.  Some of the buttons weren't right, thanks to Mel Jenkins for finding all of them, telling me exactly where, and reminding me how anal I am about things like that *grin* (which I am). The "Links" button is now a "Links/Downloads" button (thanks Drakus for the suggestion).

If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to send them to

29th June 2001


2 More Member Profiles - Crocusflower and Tymme

52 personal profiles have been filled out of our 120 members... not bad!  To enter your member profile click here (Edit Member Details) or to look at other people Profiles go here (View Member Details)

28th June 2001

Macboy brings Elem103 to our team!

Anytime a current member brings a new member to our team you will get a special mention here on this news page!

As well as that you get added to our special "Six degrees of our Team" ranking list.  This list is our fun way of watching who brings who to our team.  There is no benefit other than appearing on the list and letting others enjoy the SETI experience.

To learn more about "Six degrees of our team" and see who has brought who to our team click here... (and scroll down)

28th June 2001


2 More Member Profiles - Gimley and Hermione

This takes our total member profiles to 50!  That is nearly half the team.  To enter your member profile click here (Edit Member Details) or to look at other people Profiles go here (View Member Details)

27th June 2001

Crocusflower brings Macboy to our team!

25th June 2001


Official SETI network warning.

From the official site:

        "Due to campus maintenance our network connectivity will
        be intermittent between 6:00am and 4:00pm PDT on Sunday, June 24. "

What this means for you is that you may experience troubles uploading/downloading work units, and reaching official statistics (either individual or group).  It does not affect this site at all (except the links that work off Berkley like the stats.)

24th June 2001


Another Guassian GIF returned!

Bgenzoli's first Guassian sent in!  It is now added to our "Best Individual Gaussian" section, as everyone that sends in a Gaussian gets an entry in there!  To learn how to save these Guassians click on the "Member Gaussians" button.

23rd June 2001

Weekly Update # 16

Stats - 104 Members,  54490 Work Units complete,  83.22 CPU years time!  Over 2000 Work Units returned by group members this week!  Another great effort.  A very big welcome to a new member that contributed to half that by joining this week - Chuck McPartlin.  The official SETI@Home servers are still having some problems every now and then... but our site is up and fully functional!

For extensive individual stats for ALL of our members, check member weekly ranks (last updated 23rd June)  (Weekly Stats)

2 More members joined us this week.  Welcome to:
Chuck McPartlin and Crocusflower.

This weeks member milestones:

MileStone  Team Members
1000 WUs done:  Chuck McPartlin
100 WUs done:  AardLasher
50 WUs done:  Hannibus, Beeblebrox
10 WUs done:  Hyperbunny, CAL Staff, Zmadian, Wolfe
1st WU done: Crocusflower

We love new members!  If you know anyone that would enjoy running SETI, or already runs SETI and would enjoy our team just tell them how to sign up (click on the Join SETI button).  We hope to keep SETI fun for all members, and we are one of the FEW teams that offer very cool things at our site (or even have a site at all).  Bring your family, friends and even total strangers!  If do bring someone to our group you will move up the "Six degrees of our team" rankings (check the view member section)

If you have any suggestions feel free to email them in to us at

Zain - Team founder.

20th June 2001

Member profiles growing!

2 more members profiles (thank you to Marco Aldinucci and Helmer)were  sent in today taking out tally to 46!  To view ANY member's profile click on View Member details.  To send yours in just fill out the form in Edit Member Details!

19th June 2001

More members are returning Gaussians for our Best Gaussian sections!

These were returned buy Zadmain
and go in our Best Individual section (everyone that sends in a guassian AUTOMATICALLY gets a listing there) and one Best Fit (straight into #1!!!)


(pictures removed for archiving)

17th June 2001

Weekly Update # 15

Stats - 102 Members,  52471 Work Units complete,  80.01 CPU years time!  It has been two weeks since the last official update, due to the floods knocking our our old web host, and the server trouble at berkley.  But we are back.  Even with all this trouble our members still remained crunching away!  We added over 2000 work units and 5 years of CPU time in that 2 week period!  Way to go team!.

For extensive individual stats for ALL of our members, check member weekly ranks (last updated 17th June)  (Weekly Stats)

More members more members!  We could not accept members for about 10 days of the 14, but in the remaining time 7 new members signed up!  Welcome to:
Bgenzoli, Zmadian, Bargram, Blasterbom, AardLasher, Lawerence_Sim, Cheese.

So many members hit milestones in the last fortnight!  Congrats go out to:

MileStone  Team Members
15000 WUs done:  Matchles!
500 WUs done:  Aidan.
250 WUs done:  Zain Upton.
100 WUs done:  Lisa Summarsell, Kosta Babaniotis, Unforgiven, Eltharion_Doa, Terry Upton.
50 WUs done:  m , Sweeper, Sooterkin, AardLasher.
10 WUs done:  AardLasher, Helmer, Kis, Citron, Robert Nixon, Bolgar, Arlinn, Frank Brown, Drakus, Mean Walnut.
1st WU done:   Mean Walnut, AardLasher, Bargram, Bolgar, Korben, Itzli, Cheese.

Subgroups still remain one of our most popular features!  Each member can submit themselves to any subgroup they like.  Over 70% of members are listed in their country, with the 2nd biggest subgroup being Aardwolf MUD!  Check out all our subgroups here (Subgroups section)

If you have any suggestions feel free to email them in to us at

Keep crunching, tell your friends about out, get them in our team (we love new members) and have a great week!

Zain - Team founder.

14th June 2001



Were Back Online!

I am sure you are wondering what happened?  Our webhost,, went down 5 days ago.  I tried to contact them with status of what was going on and there was no reply (it turns out there was a major flood in the town the server was, and everything had to be shutdown!).  I was assuming the worst so I started to look around for a new web host.  A few days of research and I had it down to 5 hosts.  Finally a decision was made...

A big thankyou to everyone at  It seems like a great host, with great member services and features.  It is perfect for our web site considering our site and our need to expand in the future.

So our new site name is  Since the other site mysteriously came online again this morning I will be running both concurrently.  I will make a decision as to which to run with in the next week or so... but will likely keep the other one (in an inactive and outdated form) as a backup.  If you have any feelings one way or another just let me know with a note on the forum board.

It is good to be back!

Time to start rolling out the stats, updating the page again, and bringing in new members!  Lets hit 100K work units as a team!  If you know of anyone that wanted to join in the past few days but couldn't... let them know we are back online and striving ahead.

Zain - Team founder.

7th June 2001


Another Amazing team Milestone!
Welcome our 100th Member - Blasterbom

In just over 13 weeks our team has gone from a few friends, to over 100 members!  Our lucky 100th member is Blasterbom, another Aardwolf player that has seen some of the notes I have posted on the message boards there.

I asked Blasterbom to say a few words about himself to post here... and this is what he said:

  • "Thanks for the warm welcome.Well I live in America. I got started on SETI a couple of years back when it had first come out, it was on some show or magazine or something. The way I found your team was through Aardwolf, my s/n is Galoth. I'd like to say to everyone, get those computers working, we have some aliens to find!"

Welcome Blasterbom, and all recent new members!

6th June 2001


Some technical difficulties at the OFFICIAL SETI Site

June 5, 2001
"This morning we replaced the old web server machine with a much better one. All was well until we realized the new machine couldn't talk to the user and science databases. We are still working on the problem, and the solution may involve having to install new versions of database software to resolve conflicts with the latest version of Solaris. In the meantime, we installed a second web server to handle most of the basic CGI calls and are making links to this auxiliary web server. This is a very temporary solution. Team/stats pages may not get updated with regularity during this time."

This does NOT affect the way SETI is currently running with work units.  It only affects team reporting and statistics.  One thing it does mean is that I can not tell if new members have joined.  So if you are a new member just wait a few days until this goes away and then I will officially welcome you!

3rd June 2001

Weekly Update # 13

Stats - 95 Members,  50250 Work Units complete,  75.61 CPU years time!  853 Work units added this week, which keeps us moving up the overall rankings nicely.  For detailed and extensive stats for ALL our members check out our member weekly ranks  Click here for more info...

Again we have had a big response from new members.  9 joined up this week.  Welcome to:
Lantenon, Bolgar, Drakus, Wolfe, Arlinn, Korben, Hyperbnny, Mean Walnut, Itzli.

Big Milestones were achieved a record number of members!:
250 WUs done: Marc Tyrrell
100 WUs done: Wolverine, Tmalm
50 WUs done: Wolverine, Orion, Terry Upton, Dizzy
10 WUs done: Robert Smith, Zynix, Anonymous, Hannibus, Quadrapus
1st WU done:  Frank Brown, Hannibus, Zynix, Lantenon, Bolgar, Drakus, Wolfe, Arlinn, Citron, Morinon, Hyperbunny.

Our subgroups are as popular as ever.  The Aardwolf MUD subgroup has exploded with over 27 members!  We also have members from 13 countries now!  Check out all our subgroups here (Subgroups section)

Keep crunching, have a great week, and feel free to email me with suggestions or comments.

Zain (Elysian on Aard).

1st June 2001


An Amazing team Milestone!
50,000 Work Units completed!

Yep we hit 50K about 1pm Australian Adelaide time.  A big thankyou to ALL members, where ever you are.  We have members in over 12 countries around the world, going to many universities and schools, working in jobs in wonderful places.  It is great to see the support for SETI, and for our team.  I hope you all enjoy the things we have here at the site, and if you have any suggestions please just let me know. (To see where our members come from Click here)

Our memberships are still climbing, lately with MANY people from Aardwolf MUD.  Don't forget you can invite ANYONE you like into our team, friends family... even total strangers!  We hope to keep SETI fun, providing lots of cool little things that most teams don't offer (lets face it 99% of teams don't even have a web page!).  Spread the word, and keep those members coming in.  Lets try and make the top 200 team in the world!  (To see the Top 200 teams Overall Click here)