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31st March 2001


A big day for new members!  2 super members join us today!

Ninth!  *Wow* ... Welcome!
What more is needed to say.  Our newest member - Ninth - has an absolutely amazing individual record: 9875 Work Units and over 13 years of processing time!  Personally, I (Zain) would like to say thankyou for joining our group and I hope you enjoy your time with us!  Now everyone REALLY has someone to catch *grin*.

Ben Macaulay!  *smile* Welcome old friend!
An old uni friend of Zain's, that he thought was long lost.  Welcome man!  Ben joins us with over 720 work units as well!  What is amazing about Ben's effort is he is currently averaging just over 9 hours per unit!  Looks like he will give Kate a run for her money in the fastest machine(s) category.

Something tells me we are moving up some rankings tonight *grin*... SETI@Hall YAY!!!

25th March 2001

Weekly update:

First a big thanks to our new members:  Dale, Payal, Kim McPhee, Rachel Thompson, Yya, B. Lavarack and Ash.  The more members the merrier so feel free to invite any friends, family or strangers to our group (plus it counts towards your 6 degrees! - see view member details for more info).

744 Work Units returned!  Admittedly most of this is because of Dale's entry into our group (he brought with him over 420 WUs) but that still meant we processed over 100 between the rest of us!  What is more, we have completed over 1.44 years of CPU time!  An awesome effort by us... keep it up.

Other big congratulations go to 3 members completing their first work unit, 4 members completing their 10th WU, and Kate Woods completing her 50th WU!  Show support for our members by going to our forum and adding your own congratulation messages (click here to go to forum...)

New weekly statistics section!  Go to "Hall Group Statistics" to see how each member ranks according to total WUs, total CPU time and average CPU time per WU plus more!

23th March 2001

New member profile section!  Please send in your profiles.

It seems there was a bug in that section and no profiles were able to be sent in.  Hopefully it has all been fixed so some member profiles can start to roll in.  To enter the information go to Edit Member Details... and to view the information once it is processed (may take a couple of days or more) go to View Member Details... 

21st March 2001

SETI@Hall now has a forum!

This is a place where anyone (members and visitors) can discuss any issues about SETI and SETI@Hall, read other peoples posts, reply to posts, or even ask a question of your own.  Look for your friends names in the milestone messages and send a message to them as well!  Click on the left button...

Dale with 420 completed work units joined today!  Very impressive!  We love you Dale!

19th March 2001

Six degrees of SETI@Hall is working!

Go to "View Member Details" (or click here... ) to learn exactly what six degrees is and who is in who's six degrees.

Thanks to Yya (a new member and no it is not a typo *grin*) for testing some of the links and pointing out a few bugs.

18th March 2001

This Web page created by Zain Upton (who is a tutor at Flinders University Hall) and hosted by Eccentrix Dot Com.  A big thanks to them!

28 Members have signed so far since group start on the 4th of March 2001, having completed over 200 work units!  The more members the merrier, even if you are totally unrelated to Flinders University Hall.

Weekly emails go out to all members of our group.  Included in these emails are congratulations to milestone getters (the 1st milestone is 1 work unit!), big hellos to new members, and an excel spreadsheet to follow your and other members progress.  All just for joining us!  (To join our group click here)