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30th April 2001


The server at Berkley is down at the moment.  It should not be long and it will be back up.  If you want to check the server status at any stage just click here...

Every now and then just double click on the green icon in system tray and from the menu choose connect now.  When the server goes back online it will all start again once you do this.  We all just have to wait *smile*.  In the mean time check out our subgroups, send in your country details if you have not already done so, and have a look around!

If you want to know more or are freaking out just give me an email 

29th April 2001

Weekly Update # 8

Stats - 69 Members, 30739 Work Units complete, 43.49 CPU years time!  This week was our BIGGEST week for expansion... 11 new members!  Plus we added over 1000WUs for the week!  Check out our weekly ranks  Click here for more info...

A big thank you and welcome to our 11 NEW members:
NielsenSan @ Mosen, Quadrapus, Shadoweaver, Wolverine, Robert Smith, DazzedElf, Helmer, Cadaver, Kis, Peter Lim and Neumann!
  Welcome one and all.  Enjoy our friendly team and all the things we offer.

Congrats to ALL of these members for passing big Milestones this week:
1st WU done : Wolverine, Kis
10 WUs done: Natasha, SammyB
50 WUs done: Peter O'Neill
100 WUs done: Kate Wood

Also added this week to our site was the new SUBGROUPS section (to get there click here...)  Over 30 people have replied to the country subgroup... lets try and get that to 100%!

I hope everyone enjoys the weekly newsletter.  If you aren't getting it just email and I will put you on the list.  Anyone can get the email... not just members!

27th April 2001

We have undergone a slight name change!

Official our team name is now "Flinders University" not "Flinders University Hall".  The name has been updated at the official site.  When you look at our current team stats (click here to view) you will notice that we have a nice big name encompassing everyone "Flinders University - Students, Staff, Hall, Medical Centre, Friends and Other SETI Enthusiasts!"

There were a few reasons for doing this.  I did want to move away from just being a team for Hall residents, yes it  is how we started, but now we are getting members from the general populations joining as well.  More so, we are getting members from ALL over the world joining... so I wanted to mention that group in our name, hence the SETI Enthusiasts.  I hope this is to everyone's liking!

Feel free to discuss it on our forum board.  If anyone has other comments feel free to email them into me.  I will still talk about the group with the name "SETI@Hall" here on this site and the web page address WILL NOT change.

I just thought you all may be interested,

Keep on crunching!  Zain.

26th April 2001

ew** Web page section - Subgroups of Seti@Hall (click here)!!!

Seti@Hall is getting bigger and bigger.  Our members now come from all around the world and from all walks of life.  Our new section allows you to find out what countries different members come from, what school/unis they are/were involved with, what online games they play and much more (including Aardwolf our favourite MUD)!

Click on the link above and check it out.  Please feel free to submit your name to be added to any group, or if you want new groups created just drop me a email as well to 

25th April 2001

NielsenSan @ Mosen  joined up today!

Matchles (our number 1 member, at the moment *grin*) brings more of Denmark to our little group.  Welcome NielsenSan @ Mosen!  NielsenSan @ Mosen brings with him over 600 complete work units!

22th April 2001

Weekly Update # 7

Stats - 58 Members, 29314 Work Units complete, 40.76 CPU years time!  That is over 650 work units for the week!  Nice work team!  Click here for more info...

A big thank you and welcome to our 3 NEW membersCortex, Elusive Princess and Natasha! 

There has been a great response to our Member Gaussian section.  We now have 4 members that have submitted gaussians into our three top 20 lists.  Find out how to submit yours! Click here for more info...

Congrats to ALL of these members for passing big Milestones this week:
1st WU done : Natasha, Elusive Princess
10 WUs done: Patch, Bugg, Gary Shaw, Sam
50 WUs done: Tony Mordini
250 WUs done: Aidan

15th April 2001

Weekly Update # 6

Stats - 55 Members, 28655 Work Units complete, 39.42 CPU years time!

A big thank you to our 4 new members:
NeilMack, Sooterkin, Erni and Gagey71

This is our current best member Gaussian!  Have you had one that is better or one that makes the top 20 list?  Check our or "Member Gaussian" section for our best members, info on what Gaussians are, and,  how to automatically save the pictures so you can submit! 

*NEW* sections also appear in our weekly member stats and rankings! (Check them out fro a link in "Hall Group Statistics" section).  Look for the little "Sort by" links.

10th April 2001

We made it into the TOP 200 UNI TEAMS!

Updated results came out this morning.  We are positioned at 178... have a look by clicking here.  We have basically made it because of all that have joined and the work everyone is doing!  Great work and keep it up!

As far as I can tell teams in our part of the top 200 are completing about 1000 work units a week.  We are not quite doing that amount of processing, so we either need more computers... or more members!  If you know anyone that may be interested in SETI@Home at all... please invite them!  Lets keep us in the top 200 list!

9th April 2001

Neilmack joins us!

Welcome Neilmack!  In years past he came was at both Flinders Uni and Flinders Medical Centre!  What a small world.  What is more Neilmack brings over 500 Work Units with him!  A great start to a new week!

8th April 2001

Weekly Update # 5

Stats - 51 Members, 27466 Work Units complete, 36.60 CPU years time!

Another AMAZING week.  After last week I did not think we would have such a significant jump in WUs for a long time, I was wrong!  When the university top 200 web page is updated we should be on it!  Not bad for just 5 weeks work.

A big thank you to our 7 new members:
Matchles, JakeJohnson, Nick McEvoy, Impakt, Bugg, Eltharion_doa and Soulweaver!

*New* New web page section - Best Member Gaussian!
Our new sectoin can be found by clicking on the button above called "Member Gaussians".  For those that don't know Gaussians are, they are one of the things that the SETI@Home client looks for that may be a signal from space!  Check out the new section for more information on what Gaussians are, how to set you version of SETI@Home up to record them, and our best submitted member Gaussians so far!

ALSO Our special member detailed weekly stats have been updated.  Check them out (link in "Hall Group Statistics" Section)

6th April 2001

Nick McEvoy joins us today!

Nick, another Adelaide boy, brings with him over 400 Work Units averaging just under 19 hours per unit.  He has been SETI@Home basically from the start, and now comes to us.  Thanks man, and enjoy.  For those 3D gamers of you out there Nick is developing one!  It will be great to watch its development in real time.  Keep us posted man.

5th April 2001

Ninth makes 10,000 Work Units! *Amazing*

Some time in the wee am hours (ok, it was 2:55am Australian Central time, yes I was up) our leading member Ninth hit the awesome milestone of 10,000 work units!  This puts Ninth in 2104th place out of the 2.91 Million SETI@Home users!

On behalf of everyone in our group "CONGRATULATIONS"!  Anyone who is interested can add their personal congratulations on our forum board thread. 


Matchles joins us today! *Just as Amazing*
Our 2nd super SETI@Hall member!  Matchles comes to us with over 13000 units and 16 years processing time!  It seems now even Ninth has someone to chase!  What more can I say, WOW!  Thank you for joining our little group... I think you will have fun here.  What is more you are our first person from Denmark!  No rivalry with our Sweedish member *grin*


Impakt joins as well!
Impakt is a fellow Australian... his 320 WUs are just as important as Matchles!  It has been an amazing day... I would say the biggest since our little group started.  The thing is, we are not so little anymore *cackle*.  Have fun Impakt *smile* and keep those WUs pouring in.

3rd April 2001

JakeJohnson joins us today!

Jake comes with over 1000 Work Units complete!  This puts him firmly into 2nd place on our rankings, and helps our total along immensely.  All welcome Jake!

1sh April 2001

4th Weekly update:

New members Galore!
Thanks to these people for joining us.  We love you all!
Ninth, Ben Macaulay, Marc Tyrrell, Aidan, Emma Heighes, Terry Upton, Kylie, Bridy.

11644 Work Units returned!  Yes I can't believe it.  Every single work unit counts, and as much as Ninth, Ben and Marc have had a big impact on our total, we have still clocked up over 200 new work units for the week!  At this rate we WILL make the top 200 university teams in the world!  Who could have thought all this after just 1 month!

The forum board is up and running, with many congratulations going out to members hitting milestones.  If you have ANY questions about SETI or anything else at all just write a message there!

Check out our weekly statistics section!  Go to "Hall Group Statistics" to see how each member ranks according to total WUs, total CPU time and average CPU time per WU plus more!  More stats were added this week including total time added during the week and change in rank movements.  Have a look!

Do you have friends or family that may be interested in joining SETI?  Fee free to invite them into our little group.  Give them our web address, and the official site.